Throughout its fruitful collaboration with numerous architects, companies and clients during 40 years, Arcora has acquired a multidisciplinary experience in buildings’ structures and envelopes.

This comprehensive experience makes Arcora a design engineering firm with a strong and smooth collaboration with architects and other design companies.

Arcora‘s work is characterized by its ability to establish a harmonious relationship with the architect.

This collaborative approach enables a thorough/integrated/fulfilling translation of architectural concepts in strong technical transpositions, hence transforming architectural intentions into technically, energy efficient and regulation compliant designs.

Either in France or abroad, Arcora carries out the following :
-  Assessment of existing buildings
-  Design studies
-  Site supervision
-  Technical assistance to the contracting authority
-  Tender documents (shop drawings and calculation notes) for roof light and membrane roof


Arcora’s fields of expertise are steel structures, facades, sky roofs and complex structures. Arcora is a member of the engineering design team beside the architect.

In our work, importance is attached to creating a harmonious relationship with architectural designers.

The specific responsibility related to complex or innovative buildings requires a strong commitment to quality from the team. This characterizes our daily effort to take up challenges and manage the risk through the building process.